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Hi, I'm Eeva, ceramic artist, business owner and a teacher at Aalto University in Helsinki, where I teach ceramic studio practices and material research. I also teach at Teho-Opisto which organizes foundation courses for artistically oriented students who wish to apply to further education.
In my own practise I make small scale production tableware and unique artworks. I have a home studio in Helsinki, Finland. My main medium is porcelain with which I often use rice grain porcelain technique.
In rice grain porcelain technique the wall of an object is pierced through to make a hole. Later in the process the holes are filled with glaze which melts during the firing creating a small translucent spot on the piece.

In my work the fragility of porcelain is present at the decoration, in the dialoque between light and shadow. Instead of strict form I seek for emotion. To me the light which filters through the glaze awakens the feeling of peace and calmness I can return to again and again.



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